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Well, I guess it's all part of growing up and moving to Arizona. Or maby not growing up and just moving to Arizona. What ever it is I wasn't in Arizona much longer than an hour before realizing that if I was going to live out here I'd need a truck.

So, untill I have a few minutes to type up a spec list of all the goodies in and on it (Let alone adding some more) here's some photos of my 89' Dodge Ramcharger

Ok, I guess this is the best place for this link to fix in. The first weekend I came out to Yuma we took a trip to El Golfo Mexico for a big four-wheeling weekend. It was nutty insane. Check out the link for photos from the trip.

11/19/99 Time for a bit of an update. I've now completely replaced the entire A/C system (except for the condensor). I also had my passenger side window fixed since the driver side died and I didn't want to fix it myself. Also, I had to put on a new tailgate because my original cracked where the hinges mount. The replacement is pretty sun faded but structurally much better. I've also been keeping up my promise to take it somewhere that needs 4WD every week. I've now made trails where there were none before, crossed rivers that were over my tires, and finally got it stuck in the dunes once (Though in my defense that happened while trying to tow out Matt's suburban. If he hadn't found such a good spot to get stuck my reputation would still be clean.) Oh, and the passenger side rear tire has been patched once from a drywall screw...and then replaced about a month later when I tore up the sidewall on a tree stump.

03/24/99 Wow haven't updated this in awhile. I have added new photos though. There are now new years photos from Glamis, a few shots from the Parker off-road 400 and the Dodge City Rally in Ocotillo Wells Ca. The A/C is still leaking and we still can't find where. Another rear tire has had a nail removed, plus they were all balanced and rotated. The rear brakes have finally been replaced (including all the springs and hardware). I put on flowtech headers and had a local shop install dual flowmasters (WOW What a difference) and I'll have a whole page about that soon. And now I've managed to break the driveline off.


El Golfo
Glamis for Y2K
Dodge City '99
Driveline Damage

Warning: Although all of these images can be clicked on for a larger view the one with a border around it is a full size image from my digital camera.
UPDATED 7/15/2000 - Ok so I didn't get the new pages built when I thought I would. But I did start collecting photos for the dunes page since I bought a sandrail. Which is also why I haven't been able to afford to do much with the truck lately. I did get most of the dodge citylinks up but no page yet. And I got lots of photos from this years trip to El Golfo but they aren't up yet...those are all from last year still. Exhaust and driveline photos are still to come.
The big news is that I managed to fry my entire electrical system. Long story short I forgot which terminal was which and I didn't have the brains to check the markings before connecting the battery. Fixed enough to be safe to drive but still having some major electrical problems.
Truck Specs:
How I found it
5.9L 360 TBI V8
4" Suspension lift
1.5" Body lift
35x12.5R15 Goodyear MT's
Rancho RS5000's
Rancho RS5000 Steering Stabilizer
Recently rebuilt tranny and transfer case
Stock gearing AFAIK
Factory Limited Slip (1 | 2 | 3)
Kenwood KDC-S3009 Stereo
12" Polk Sub in custom box
sub amp
JBL 2-way front speakers
What I've done
Got the 4WD engagement fixed
Fixed leak in brake lines
35x12.5R15 BFG Mud-Terrains
K&N Filtercharger
KC HiLites
New Plugs and Wires
All new hoses and seals for the A/C
Fixed the passenger side window (Because the driver side finally died too)
New compressor for the A/C, yep almost the whole dang system is now new
Jacobs Pro-Street Ignition
Flowtech Headers
Dual Flowmaster Mufflers
Broke Driveshaft off
Dual battery conversion
Blew up electrical system
What I'm going to to
New eq for the stereo(Have one waiting to install)
Two more 6x9 speakers (Need speakers now, I gave Matt the spare Kenwoods I had for his new car.)
New 300 Watt amp for fronts (Just waiting on the above things to finalize)
Computer for GPS and MP3 playback (almost ready to start construction)
New engine? Rebuild? (Awaiting $$$ or failure)

For more dunes photos see my original photos from my first vist to Yuma or the Glamis for Y2K photos.

Jason Hitesman
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